Hand crafted celadon ceramic sugar bowl with Polish cherry wooden spoon and lid


Hand crafted celadon ceramic sugar bowl with Polish cherry wooden spoon and lid


H 7.5cm x Dia.8cm (Bowl)
L 14cm (Spoon)

A Stoneware sugar bowl with a shiny Green/Gray celadon glaze. I like to use simple forms with quiet, understated glazes to allow the beauty of the materials and the marks of the making process to speak for themselves.

This sugar bowl is individually hand crafted, thrown on a potter's wheel. Due to the processes and glazes used, each item is individual and one off.

This wooden spoon was hand carved from seasoned Polish cherry wood using traditional techniques and hand tools.

This wooden lid made out of Polish cherry wood was turned on lathe to achieve the perfect fit for the bowl.

Finished with food safe wood butter made out from coconut oil and beeswax.

This container could also be used for jam, honey or salt.

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Wood Product Care 

  • Hand wash your product with a wet sponge and mild dishwashing liquid. 
  • Never wash your spoon in a dish washer.
  • Never soak your product in water.
  • After a while, your product's colour will fade and look dry. This is the nature of wooden items. If you wish to refresh your product, periodically apply an even coat of your choice of food safe oil. ( We use blend of beeswax and coconut oil or mineral oil.)


Many hours and much care has been put into making each item a quality piece. Please note that these are handmade items and the intent is not to produce a 'machined' product. Any imperfections in the piece due to hand tools adds to its handcrafted value. If you are dissatisfied in any way with your purchase, please contact me and I will be happy to work out an arrangement with you.