Hi! We are two passionate home bakers who started this website to share our love of baking with others. Our other passion is making. Through a combination of ceramics and woodcraft we have created our own range of handmade tableware. We also enjoy photography and all the photos on the site are our own.

The name 2 Hungry Bakers is really nothing more but the description of the two of us. Thank you for stopping by and we hope you will enjoy it.

Adamina Turek

I have been in love with baking since I was ... very little. I baked with both my Nans since an early age and because they came from the opposite sides of Poland there was always something new to learn from them. At very early age I was inventing my own recipes and that is something I enjoy doing the most, working out how to marry the best of ingredients to fulfil my greed for tasty bakes. 

Adrian Austin

I'm a born and bred Londoner. In my day job I am a digital designer but in 2010 I baked my first sourdough and now rarely go a week without baking a loaf.